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We are definitely different and unique from other property portals in as much as :

Unlimited Free Listings
All sites sell packages for limited number of postings. Here, at Biggest e-Mart, we provide unlimited listings package absolutely Free, subject to limitations on features of listings.

Facility of Free Listings for both
as well as “Property Requirements” 

All the property sites give option of listing of properties only, but no site gives the option of listing of Property Requirements for Buying / Taking on Rent, also.

Facility of storing confidential and secret details and maintaining full privacy about the properties and the Clients
There is no need to store the confidential Contact details of clients in the Mobile Phone Book and the property details in the personal diaries, or in the Mobile, Computers or Laptops, as all the details can be stored online in your  Biggest e-Mart Account automatically which is visible to you through your Password protected Biggest e-Mart Account only.

Providing full space to accommodate Complete Database and unlimited contact details of Clients
Once, posting of all listings is complete for Publishing and displaying the General Details to the Public and keeping confidential details for self use, the User need not carry the personal Diary or any other special device to check his records, either for the property details or for the contact details of the Sellers, Buyers, Owners or tenants, they all are available in his/her Biggest e-Mart Account itself. 

Option to Publish the listing for Public Viewing or to keep a Draft Unpublished listing for self use
The User can create and store a huge data of properties for Sale/ Rent and Details of Buyers/ Tenants in his Biggest e-Mart Account. He/she can enter details of all property owners / clients for his/her personal record while posting properties or requirements. Out of a huge Data, he/she gets an option to list the property or Property requirement for public display or for his/her personal viewing. If the User simply saves the record as a Draft, it will not be displayed at site but the User will be able to see, view/ edit the information for his record purposes only. The Listing can published/ displayed at site by the User showing the details of the User instead of the details of the property owners and clients. The personal details like the name, Phone no. and email ID of the User’s clients are stored at site in the User’s Account for viewing by the User only. If the User delists from Public viewing, the record will still remain in his/her Account, unless and until the Users wants to delete permanently.

Advance and Real Time Management of the Property Listings
Once, posting of all listings is complete, the listing of properties can be managed by the User himself/herself as per the actual requirement of the User on day to day and minute to minute basis. Since, the User is allowed to post unlimited listings free of cost,  this is a great Bonanza for the Brokers, Dealers, Agents and the Builders even.
The User can store all the Listings and Records available with him/her for Sale or Rent and all the Property Requirements as well.
The User can edit the listing as many number of times as he/she wants to, according to the changed circumstances.

E-Matching Buy-Sell/ Lessor-Lessee
Because no site offers listing of requirements, so there is no possibility of matching the results generated upon specific filtration criteria for both selling and buying and Properties for Giving on Rent or for Taking on Rent. Biggest e-Mart provides that matching through its matching details Feature.
Perfect Matching – Total Filtering and all possible Sorting Options. 
The user gets the most suitable, appropriate, precise and perfectly matched results only at Biggest e-Mart.

Brokers Friendly
This is the best platform for the brokers and agents who hate carrying hard diaries and heavy papers and files. The brokers can feed the property address also along with personal information of their clients like their Name, Phone No., and Email IDs, the Next Calling Date and Time besides some More Information meant for viewing by the User only, not by the public. They can now keep all the information in their personal Account with in a systematic manner which is otherwise stored at several places in different diaries, papers, notebooks and Excel Sheets.

Biggest e-Mart, a Booster to your Property Business
This site helps the newcomers and struggling property agents to boost their business and extend their existing boundaries. Anybody willing to start or expand his/her property Business gets instant leads and results from day one, subject to his ability to convert the deals.

Property Posting through mobile
The user can login through mobile also, only at Biggest e-Mart, and can post a listing instantly through its User Friendly Post Property Form with uploading the latest or just clicked images of the properties. 

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