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Welcome to the world of Business, Trade, Profession and Services, World’s Biggest Business Network and the Biggest Exhibition Center for online Directory Search. Biggest E-Mart is the One Stop Solution, rather, the only solution to all your business needs and transactions.

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Biggest E-Mart is a Business Group which mainly deals in Business Promotion Activities, Advertising, Media, Management and Solutions, Event Management, Sales, Shopping and Marketing Management, Sharing of and Managing the Database on Human Resource, Investments, Assets and Business Management, etc. We are also the authorized Agent, Associate and marketing partner for several Companies, Products and services.

BiggestEMart.com connects all the local customers with the local shopkeepers, vendors and the service providers such as 

The Newspaper Vendor, Tea Stall, Coffee Shop, Milkman, Bread, Butter, Eggs, Cookies,  Fast Food, Ice Cream Parlour, Paan Shop, Tiffin Services, Cooks, Maids, Bathroom and Toilet Cleaners, Drivers, Car Cleaners, Clothes Dry Cleaners and Ironing Services, Cable Operator, Broadband Services, Gym and Sports Facilities, Hair Cutting Saloon and Beauty Parlours, Scrap Dealer, Mobile and Laptop Repair Shop, Doctors and Specialists, Child Specialist, Gynecologist, General Physician, 24 Hour Chemist Shop, Nursing Homes and Hospitals, Schools and Colleges, Late Hours Food Supply, Property Dealers, Home Loans Agents, Insurance Agents, Tax and Finance Consultants, Interior Decorators and Contractors, Painters, Plumbers, Electrician, Carpenters, Pest Control, Furniture Renting, AC Renting, Baby and Day Care Centers, etc.

BiggestEMart.com is the Biggest Business Networking (with all features of Social Networking, Posts, Local and Global News, Updates, Discussion, Forum, Views, Reviews, Gossip, Likes, Dislikes, Text, Audio, Video and Media Sharing), User friendly with single Icon-click  and/or Drop down selection or simple Menu Driven or even a single search box/button for the Biggest Directory Search of Contacts, People, Places and Connections, all the Existing and Upcoming Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional or other Buildings, Businesses, Markets, Marts and Malls, Shops, Offices, Floors, Spaces, Buildings, Towers and Complexes, Hotels, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Vacations, Products, Services, Tours and Travels, Events and Exhibitions, Free Offers and discount Coupons, etc. offering an instant Photo Click and instant Advertise Online Free / Classic / Featured / Premium / Sponsored Classified and Display Advertising / Banners, highlighting all types of Special Offers, discounts, coupons, cash back, etc., Individual or Group Audio / Free Video Calling, Free Messaging along with the Call / Message Log facility using the WiFi, Hotspot or the Data Packs plus providing Free / Classic / Featured / Premium E-Shops / E-Spaces, Free Cloud Storage of all E-Contacts, connections and groups of contacts (with their profiles, phone numbers, email IDs and UserNames of self, friends, relatives, clients, customers, Agents, Sellers, Buyers, Lessors, Lessee, professionals and service providers), Free Storage and / or links for Cloud storage of Documents, Sheets, Messaging, Gallery of Photos / Images / Videos / Music / Media / Likes / Interests, etc.

Our Registered Trade Mark is  for



BiggestEMart.com is the

*** Biggest Online Business Networking Site using the logo   which is a portion of the registered trademark, with the buttons for Connect / Disconnect, Follow / Unfollow features, Likes / Dislikes, Articles, Blogs, Ratings, Reviews, Comments, Favourites, Notifications, Alerts, Sharing, Link Sharing, Directory Submissions, Content writing, Messaging, Chats, Video Calls and Conferencing, etc.

*** Biggest information centre in respect of Existing Markets, shops and offices, Products and Services, Exhibitions, etc. using all means and methods like Google Map, Google Street View, etc, to bring the local Shopkeepers and Service providers together with the customers and the actual users totally free of cost by creating a database of all such shops, offices and the markets Those registered on this site can use our logo    once they create page(s) on our website for their products and can proudly say to the consumers – Find us on 

*** Biggest information centre for all the upcoming markets, shops and commercial spaces in the world.  (Paid Advertising meant mainly for the Builders, New Launches, etc.) The Builders advertising on this site can always say – Find us on 

*** the cheapest and the biggest Virtual Space Provider for the e-Shops and / or commercial office spaces from the Cloud Space owned by BiggestEMart.com

*** providing unlimited space for free classified listings

*** the biggest platform for full screen / shared screen paid advertising and displaying the banners, videos and free classified listing of privileged commercial products and units.

*** Featured advertising, listing and searching of Properties with additional specialised feature of E-Office and Match making.

*** Other pages on Jobs

*** Cars, Vehicles and Automobiles

*** Matrimonial Services

*** Food and Restaurants

*** latest Gadgets, retail and misc. products, Brands, etc.


Detailed description About the pages on BiggestEMart.com

Existing Markets” Page brings together all the commercial shops/ offices/ units of the world visible to all its members. It is a commercial hub of the e-Business such as shops, offices and retail spaces, food courts, service apartments, entertainment and lifestyle, beauty, cosmetic and health products and it will showcase the products of its member shop-keepers/service providers on the BiggestEMart.com to be viewed worldwide. It is a venture initiated by a team of professionals from all spheres of knowledge and experience. Our team has worked hard to build a single window platform for all those who are either looking for a shop/commercial space for starting/ expanding/ diversifying their business unit, may be, physical or virtual or those who wish to go global and be among the world’s BiggestEMart.com. It is the only place which is open for all categories of business and it is meant for those who are looking to buy, sell, rent or provide any kind of service to its customer. Having online shop or e-Shop is the cheapest with the maximum results as there is no expense on the physical space and the products of the e-Shop can be viewed worldwide with a single click of the mouse because of search facility.

“Upcoming Markets” Page, any commercial unit, even at its conceptualisation stage, can be publicised and brought forward to the business world.

“Business Networking” Page, It is the first of its kind in the entire business world and is categorically different from other networking sites. The members on this site, when connected with each other, can tender their offers to other connected members and similarly they can avail of the benefits and several special offers, discounts, combo offers, referral benefits, savings on elimination or avoiding of middle-man, distress sale offers, etc. from the connected members. The members will always remain updated on latest arrivals of the products and services of their connected members.

This site also works as a World Business News Magazine.
The aim of BiggestEMart.com
 is to simply help the buyers or the customers in locating the best product of their requirement. BiggestEMart.com will try to bring forth before the buyers as to what is available in the market, who is the manufacturer, who is marketing the product and how the same is being marketed/delivered to the customer. The BiggestEMart.com will create a corporate networking and the members of such network    will be benefitted by special incentives, discounts, combo offers etc. mutually offered by member(s) to other member(s).